Welcome to the World Wide Information Matrix, the first organic computing platform and data drop information grid.

The Matrix Platform, including all its applications, provides you with total control over your information and privacy. Matrix Safe.io enables maximum control, privacy and safety ranging from convenient to extreme levels.

No more middlemen, you are now in total control of your information and respective privacy.

2020 is around the corner, however, our popular computing age seems to be stuck back in 1985 or earlier. We still have "web accounts & logins", passwords, spam, email circa 1970... all backed by a hacker-friendly cloud of middlemen servers. We're afraid to store personal secrets on our computers or transmit them in email.

We've created Internet architectures that aggregrate millions of records of sensitive data, puts it in one place, and exposes it on a public wire 7x24... and we do this because? Copies of our personal information are traded and bartered. Nobody knows how many copies of our information exist. Our computing advancements are titrated by Ads and third party search engine ambitions. We don't even know why middlemen search engines exist as a barricade between us and Internet information. Put it all behind.

Welcome to the age of Organic Computing. Welcome to The Matrix™.

First Step Recommendations

Install and get familiar with the Matrix Super Menu Application. Many apps in the Matrix Environment are "menu bar apps" just like the Super Menu (see details below).

Using the Secrets App or Matrix Send - play around with dropping data on to the Matrix and dropping data off of the Matrix (see Matrix Send info below).

Play around with Matrix AV and send your friends audio or video selfies by texting them Private Matrix Links (codes) that only you know exist.

Getting Started : "The Matrix Folder"
Mac OS 10.12+ Installation

Download Matrix.zip to your computer.

Unzip it and copy the Matrix Folder to your Desktop. Note that your web browser might have already unzipped the download for you.

The Matrix Folder is the home of all your Matrix Apps and Data Drops.

The Matrix Folder must be located on your Desktop.

"The Matrix Super Menu Application"

Inside your Matrix Folder is the Matrix Menu Application at the top level. The Matrix Menu is a very convenient app launcher that gives you quick access to any installed Matrix App.

You don't have to use the Super Menu, however, you will find that over time you will be installing many Matrix Apps into your Matrix Portfolio.

Simply run the Menu App to load the Super Menu onto your Desktop Menu Bar.

Matrix Menu Bar Applications

Many of the Matrix Controller Applications and the Super Menu Application are "Menu Bar Apps".

Menu Bar Apps display their icons and are accessible from the top bar on your Desktop.

You can setup your menu bar apps to launch automatically at login and each Matrix Bar App can be exited by selecting "Quit".

Matrix menu bar apps are detachable from the menu bar. The Super Menu App lists all your installed Matrix Apps from the menu bar as shown.

Recommendation: "Your first Matrix Drop"

Launch the "Matrix Send" application from the Super Menu.

Choose menu option "Matrix Send" by clicking the app's home icon.

Hit the DROP button to put any content onto the Matrix with complete privacy.

Choose menu option "Matrix Receive" by clicking the app's home icon.

Paste in the Matrix Private Link to Download the file from the Matrix.

"The Matrix Splash Application"

The Matrix Splash Application is one of many data drop browsers exclusive to the Matrix.

Splash can be used to download Data Drop from the Matrix just like "Matrix Send & Receive".

Splash also gives you ongoing access to Matrix Applications and Software Updates. The App List icon in Splash gives you access to the Matrix App Store.

Matrix Splash will soon be available for Windows10 and Linux Operating Systems.