Introducing Internet Controllers


Matrix, Web and
Internet Access

  • Matrix Safe Browsing
  • Safari, Chrome, Firefox Integration
  • Matrix Drop Access
  • Complete Internet Super Privacy
  • User controlled Internet Actions
  • Unified Matrix-Web Actions


Universal Browser
with Safe Access

  • Browse Web and Data Drops
  • Search Data Drops and Web
  • Endpoint Data Search Engine
  • User Defined Search Terms
  • Distributed Internet Search


Drop Network Client

  • First ever Drop Network Client
  • Exclusive Access to Matrix Grid
  • Data Drop Creation & Management
  • Data Drop Exchange & Transport
  • Data Drop Administration
  • No Middleman
  • No User Accounts or Logins


Private and Public Publishing

  • No Middleman Publishing
  • User Owned Publishing Network
  • Publish Any File or Document
  • Publish Directly from Endpoint
  • HTML Drop Site Support


Safe Data Storage & Archival

  • Partitioned Virtual SCIFs
  • SCIF Search Facilities
  • SCIF Archival & Backup
  • User Controlled Remote Backup
  • SOAP (Store Offline, Archive Predictably) Services


Data Drop Network Applications

  • No Middleman Private Messaging
  • Next Generation Collaboration
  • Safe Data Management Tools
  • Browse, Publish, Share Apps
  • Innovative Data Drop Apps
  • Super Note Document Models
  • Customer & Patient Applications

Matrix Super Privacy & Complete Control

  • Partitioned Virtual SCIFs
  • Data Drop Visibility Firewall
  • User Controlled Encryption
  • User Managed Drop Routing
  • User Defined Private Network
  • Matrix Identities
Internet Controllers, The Free Edition (MacOS 10.12+)

The Free Edition of Internet Controllers and respective free access to public Matrix resources is released by invitation under the Matrix Usage License Agreement (MULA).

Matrix invitations provide access to Internet Controller downloads, free Matrix resources and free registration (ownership) of Matrix hosted personal and business data drops.

Matrix invitations are distributed by "Matrix Nation" members and the Los Altos Research Center. If you have not received an invitation from a friend or colleague, you may request an invitation by emailing "", please include your full name, email address for the invite and referrer as appropriate.

Matrix invitations are specific to operating system (MacOS, IOS, Windows10, BSD, Linux, etc) and will include invitations to pre-purchase (reserve) Matrix hardware products. Matrix invitations are specific to Matrix technology segments with respective usage market (e.g. individuals, professionals, merchants, small businesses, corporations, education and government).

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